Updates list

Here are all changes made to this site.

*last update 4 April 2018

  • listnext version: 1.1.15
    • TODO:
    • - add nofollow to anchor's; done
    • - fixed bug whe page is loadning to infinity; done
    • - fixed bug when access a subcategory link and app crashed; done
    • - make the footer sticky; done
    • - adding the possibility for the user to change the name, color and banner of the site, from the .env configuration file; done
    • - get random user items and add them into featured items; done
    • - fixed bug whe page is loading to infinity; done
    • - add Google Analytics script; done
    • - make this site a Progressive Web Application; done
    • - add sort items functionality;
    • - add robots.txt and sitemap.xml; done
    • - did some refactor and fixing existing bugs. done
  • listversion: 1.0.0
    • - develop a module that allows users search on the site by keyword and display result;
    • - get and display the most popular and features products this week;
    • - get and display items by envato market particular site;
    • - get and display items by category or subcategory from particular site;
    • - shows a list of badges for the given user;
    • - get and display all details of a particular item from particular site;
    • - shows a random list of newly uploaded files from a particular site;
    • - shows username, number of sales, number of followers and image for a user;
    • - shows the total number of items available on Envato Market;
    • - added not found and error page;
    • - and other.